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Its the weekend! - Tales Of Woe

Nov. 6th, 2005 11:06 am Its the weekend!

Hoorah, tis the weekend, get me, writing in my LJ not at work, the Moog would be so proud!  Am at home (not my home actually) my parents home, felt i should come back before my birthday and let them now what i want - a kitten for Tigger! (Shhhh its a secret!).  I really hope my mother actually comes through on this one, as i really want a friend for Tig, but Mj will shout at me if i go and get one, whereas if its a present - well what're you going to do ;-)

Soon i shall be heading over to Gothelen's to see her and James and the small person, who may or may not be at church (see i used to always want to go to church when i was young - it seemed all mysterious, we did midnight mass at Xmas a couple of times, but now i just think the buildings are ever so pretty - except for the new ones that have been made out of council houses!  I would love to live in an old church, Mj thinks i'm a nutcase but the idea of having people buried in my garden doesn't bother me at all.  I've always been of the opinion that alive people are much more dangerous than dead ones.

Anyway must depart my mother is speaking at me and i really should converse if i want to make my escape ASAP!!

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