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P*ssed off! - Tales Of Woe

Nov. 8th, 2005 10:28 am P*ssed off!

Oh I am so pissed off right now!  I had booked off the three non-bank holidays between Xmas and New Year, as I was not working for Powerhouse then and I have told the people here that I am abroad until the Friday at 3am when I shall be returning to this country!  Bah humbug they are making me work the Friday afternoon – I am not a happy bunny.  I wanted to have the whole week off to do Christmassy things L


Oh well, I suppose I’ll cope; I don’t think it’ll be very busy here as none of the suppliers will be at work.  They have like two weeks off over Christmas – which we cannot since we are in Retail (you have to read that in the sarky tone of voice I wrote it in).  So unfair!! 


It’s not all bad though I suppose it’s my birthday on Thursday which is now only two days away – I have tasked my mother with finding me a kitten.  Yeah.  I haven’t had a kitten for years – not since Brrrrp. We inherited Tigger as a grown up kitty.  I’m sure Mj won’t be particularly happy about it but I don’t care.  He’ll get over it when he sees said kitten he is even softer than me when it comes to cats.


But I digress, my birthday means TGI’s (like H’s means Chinese!) so tomorrow we are going there and I will be eating steak!  Mmmmm fillet steak and chips (oh my god how much do I love the chips at tgi’s they have bits of skin still on, my mouth is watering just thinking about it).  On top of that because it’s my birthday meal I shall also be having Jack Daniels chicken strips with sesame seeds and crispy noodles and one of their yummy ice-cream drinks with alcohol in!

I shall spend the next two days just thinking about it!

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