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I am OLD! - Tales Of Woe

Nov. 11th, 2005 08:00 pm I am OLD!


, yesterday was my birthday and i am now officially old!  I am 26 which means in 4 years i will be 30! - Harsh :-(

On a lighter note it was indeed my birthday yesterday, which means i have had presents - yeah, can't ever compalin about presents!

From Mj i got a pink nintendo DS with the Nitendogz game - have three doga already, they are a beagle called Pip, a miniature dachshund called Mo and a Husky called Kate.  Kate is the cleverest - i can't believe i have spent much of the last two days speaking into a games console, lol!

From gothelen  & family i got a super soft and squishy pillow, an eeyore pen (a birthday without something eeyore is not truly a birthday), some knitted slippers with pom-poms (cool) and some of those weird noisy magnet thingies which i keep dropping because i am a girl and can't throw!

From C i got a little bottle of vodka and a Smirnoff glass.

From Mandy-moo i got some sparkly blue candles for my newly decorated (finally) spare room. (went out to lunch with M and saw photo's of her new baby nephew, he is totally adorable!  Now cannot wait for C to have her baby!)

From L i got a sweet photo album with an embroidered cat on the front that looks like Tigger - i shall use it to out photos of all the cats i have ever had in!

I am yet to see my family but will update soon as to what i get from them. All in all a very good day. 

Went to TGI's the night before with H and J, had yummy steak served by Perry from the Harry Enfield show!  M and J harased by teenage drunks - l&lol!

On monday it is my works conference, they texted me today to tell me that i should wear a suit, this i already knew and had indeed been to town yesterday to buy one.  it is grey and very nice.  i am planning to borrow my mothers boots to wear in the evening because they are lovely and she cannot refuse because it has been my birthday.  But anyway, i digress, obviously my work thinks i look like a tramp!

Boo :-( 

Anyway must go and walk my computerised dogs or they will 'run away from home' - surely its better to teach kids that if they don't feed/walk an animal it'll DIE!

Current Mood: pensivepensive

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