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Wednesday - Tales Of Woe

Nov. 16th, 2005 02:31 pm Wednesday

Well today is Wednesday and I am not at work because I have a migraine which is actually pretty much gone now but I was asleep til gone 2 and I didnt see the point of going to work that late when I would just have to go home again at 5.


Had works conference on Monday and Tuesday.  It was quite an experience, had to spend pretty much all morning helping suppliers to build their stands and they brought the oddest things, one guy had a fridge that served beer.  Then all afternoon meeting store managers at said stands and explaining products to them, or talking to the suppliers and networking.  Then there was a sit down meal in the evening, followed by a raffle and Disco!! I unfortunately had to sit under a speaker which was going off really loudly every five minutes and ended up with a terrible headache and may explain the migraine I have today as it never really went away, just got worse.  So I went to bed.

Then Tuesday was spent packing up stuff and lugging it around.  Happy happy, joy joy.


Then when I got up I realised that I had missed the deadline on the poll for project 29, si I miss the big Xmas one and I am gutted!


So actually right now u am not in the best mood!


Current Mood: depresseddepressed

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