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Tales Of Woe

Oct. 26th, 2005 11:54 am The Idea Thief

Well H i saw this in yours and thought i'd have a go...

Caroline needs other people for almost every thing
Caroline needs to find a way to begin to make amends for what she has done. ...


Caroline needs to calculate an hourly heat input rate for her natural gas ...
Caroline needs to start making contributions into a pension sooner rather than later...


Caroline needs her services.


Caroline needs an MRI every year for the rest of her life

Caroline needs the money but is reluctant to take from a child


Caroline needs a better fiancee!

Caroline needs a reference group that is familiar with the context in Central


Caroline needs to sort her head out

Caroline needs fluids, and we worry (probably unnecessarily) that she isn't
getting enough

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Oct. 18th, 2005 02:56 pm All about me - apparently

Scorpio! About Your Sign...
Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. Even when they appear self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. They are like the volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea, it may burst into eruption at any moment. But those of us who are particularly perceptive will be aware of the harnessed aggression, the immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity, and often strangely hypnotic personality under the tranquil, but watchful composure of Scorpio. In conventional social gatherings they are pleasant to be with, thoughtful in conversation, dignified, and reserved, yet affable and courteous; they sometimes possess penetrating eyes which make their shyer companions feel naked and defenseless before them.

In their everyday behavior they give the appearance of being withdrawn from the center of activity, yet those who know them will recognize the watchfulness that is part of their character. They need great self-discipline, because they are able to recognize the qualities in themselves that make them different from other humans, and to know their utterly conventional natures can be used for great good, or great evil. Their tenacity and willpower are immense, their depth of character and passionate conviction overwhelming, yet they are deeply sensitive and easily moved by their emotions. Their sensitivity, together with a propensity for extreme likes and dislikes make them easily hurt, quick to detect insult or injury to themselves (often when none is intended) and easily aroused to ferocious anger. This may express itself in such destructive speech or action that they make lifelong enemies by their outspokenness, for they find it difficult not to be overly critical of anything or anyone to whom they take a dislike.

They can harness their abundant energy constructively, tempering their self-confidence with shrewdness and their ambition with magnanimity toward others provided they like them. They relate to fellow workers only as leaders and can be blunt to those they dislike to the point of cruelty. In fact they are not above expressing vindictiveness in deliberate cruelty. They are too demanding, too unforgiving of faults in others, perhaps because they are not aware of the shortcomings within themselves, and extravagantly express their self-disgust in unreasonable resentment against their fellows. They do, however, make excellent friends, provided that their companions do nothing to impugn the honor of which Scorpios are very jealous. Part of the negative side of the Scorpio nature is a tendency to discard friends once they cease to be useful, but the decent native is aware of, and fights this tendency.

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Sep. 24th, 2005 12:09 pm Yeah! Champeen!!!

I have cooked a roast beef dinner and it is perfect, the beef is pink in the middle and brown at the ends so that both me and Mj can eat it. The potatoes are crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, Mj has decided he will eat my Cheese sauce for the Broccoli and cauliflower (almost died of shock at that one) i did myself roasted onion and sweet orange peppers - so good - and even the yorkshire puds were perfect! I am the champeen, i am so pleased this means i don't always have to do a roast chicken!

I might do the dance of Joy!

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Sep. 12th, 2005 08:33 pm Time gentlemen please!!!

I would like it to be noted that I am at work and it is 8.30 in the PM. This is not normal behaviour especially as I have already been home and then come back again! Go me, I guess I am not that work shy after all. Moo ha ha (less evil slightly more superior laugh). Anyway better go more work to be done and so on and so forth!

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Aug. 31st, 2005 10:06 am Don't cry for me Mister Mister

Grrrr and also Argghhg, I am work again, I suspect that I have loads of things I should be doing but, I can only think of one or two so I am dragging them out. In my head I know that that is never a good idea because it means that when they decide to give me something large and hideous to do I will get really behind and end up all stressed. I do not like to be stressed at work; it is the place I go to relax. Some might say that perhaps since I obviously know that this is going to bite me on the bum, and perhaps I should just do my easy work and then if I have time to spare, so be it!
I never learn!
I also have a terribly sore throat, I do not know where it has come from but it hurts really badly.
Everyone from all around me has disspaered, this is confusing, I suspect that they are all doing something terribly excited that I have not been invited too because I am not experienced enough. See most people would be happy with a promotion in 6 months, after all I am essentially a junior buyer now, and I get to create all sorts of documents for launches and stuff. Which is what I enjoy doing, I have a meeting with Sony later, I mean its ridiculous, how did I end up here? I haven’t had ambitions for a career since I was 6 and wanted to be a marine biologist (to swim with sharks) or an archaeologist (to dig up dead people and gold, not necessarily in that order). Yet somehow I have ended up in a place where I might actually manage to be ‘comfortable’ – gotta love that word! I find the whole thing terrifying, I do spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to do, I’m not one of those people who can sit and do nothing, for a week perhaps and then I get bored!!!! But I also have no-one to sound ideas off of about it; if I talk to Michael he generally just says he doesn’t want to talk about it. It’s like Uni all over again where I couldn’t ever discuss my exam worries or anything because he was doing terribly, so talking about uni made him stresses, so we didn’t! it made me furious actually – sometimes that boy really only does think of himself, though I still did it, I got my degree and he didn’t, so guess that makes me better than him in one small way (mwah ha ha ha –so sad, so so sad)
And finally I am happy because Helen has e-mailed me, I was beginning to worry I had annoyed her because she’s normally very quick to respond, and I was panicking and trying to think of how I could of pissed her off, I think I shouldn’t tell Ellie off so much! But I don’t know where H gets her patience from (I really do worry that I’ll make a terrible mother) and when El cries for no reason I just snap (one again worried/terrible mother/possibly jail) but like I said she mailed so it was just me taking a stroll in one of Andy’s paranoid fantasies I guess.

I’m back now! xXx

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Aug. 25th, 2005 10:27 am Work

Well here I am, back at powerhouse, after all I said about disliking the place and hating it here and so on and so forth – I have returned, willingly! Despite feeling like something of a sell out I am pleased! I got a bit of a promotion and a little more money (less I will admit than the job I left) but more than I was on before. They claim that I will get a pay rise ‘in line with my performance’ which sounds a little suspicious, but I am not above working really hard for three months so that they have to do it. Mwah aha ha ha and all that.
On the home front, I am not getting much better with the old poi, I just don’t seem to have any coordination, and believe me I have no qualms about hitting myself in the face with the bloody things – which hurts, by the way. I can do butterfly (both ways) and above my head, I can do butterfly behind my head, but if I think about it, it gets tangled up in my hair, and I can do the 3 beat weave, though I am still unsure if my hands are quite right it looks right, and I think that’s what counts – well I have to or otherwise I am like the worst at poi – even Ellie is going to be better than me before too long.
Tigger is fat, I keep telling Mj that he is fat and he just laughs. However the ginger furry beast gets out of breath running up stairs and I’m sure that’s not right. So I am rationing his food, which means he has taken to following me round mooing and looking sad, while his huge flabby belly drags along the floor (ok, so he’s not that fat, but he could be).
Oh well, I suppose I should get back to work, I have many claims to make and some supplier meetings to go to – which I have a horrid suspicion are not as interesting as they could be. Fingers crossed I’ll get to play with some interesting samples.

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Aug. 11th, 2005 12:22 pm Another day, another tale of woe!

I am in a good mood, the night stalker has been removed from the BB house, which means i can watch it again without feeling ever so slightly sick! Woo!

Today is thursday, which means tomorrow is friday and then the weekend and then i have to go back to work! i am less than thrilled about the prospect, its a new job! And by all accounts they have very tedious smoking and interweb rules. i hate using a computer that has interweb and not being able to use it, even worse the only thing i have to stop me is my own will power - so not good!
Am at H's again, no i do not live here!, she has gone out and i am left with the responsibility of Ellie, who is being very good, she has even willingly helped me to tidy up, i am suspicious and whenever i look over at her she grins at me, i feel i should check............
........nope she is actually being good, as Moonis the man of many moons would say "success"!!! You can't see it but i am also doing a little dance - be assured it looks, well, interesting!
I am awaiting the return of H so that we can go outside and poi, she is better than me (humpfh) so i should really practice more but i keep hitting myself in the ribs and it hurts!!! wait and see though one of these days i will be good at it, so good they may even give me my own TV show, which i will present with a bag over my head so that the jealous masses cannot identify me!!! Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Sometimes i get a little carried away............

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