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Tales Of Woe

10 November
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My name is Caroline and i live in Bicester which is in the U.K. I love to read and read and read. I live with my boyf (oh the joys of teen magazine speak) and my lovely lovely cat Tigger who is the best thing in all the world - i might even burn books to keep him warm!

This is me:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is the lovely tigger (with eeyore!):Image hosted by Photobucket.com
13th/14th centuries, 80's cartoons, 80's music, absinthe, alcohol, alice in wonderland, amsterdam, animals, aquariums, baby bunnies, being alone, being evil, being warm, big wooly jumpers, birds of prey, bisexuality, bondage, boobies, books, bookshops, brrrrp, bubble baths, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, cats, cheese women, cheesy horror films, chinese food, cigarettes, classical music, coke, conspiracy theories, cornwall, corsets, creativity, crime, darts, death, digital cameras, drugs, eeyore, ellie, essays, fantasy, fast cars, fire, flares (the trousers), forensics, geeks, genetics, ghosts, green day, happy music, henry viii, history, holbein, horror stories, individualism, intelligence, interesting trivia, italian food, ivor the engine, julia roberts, keifer sutherland, king arthur, knee high socks, knives, labyrinth, laughing, law & order: svu, laziness, lenore, letters, libraries, little boxes, london, marlboro light menthols, monet, money, mp3 players, muppets, my friends, my sisters, myths, narnia, new orleans, nice boots, noodles, novels, obsession, parks, personal theme songs, pizza, playing cards, plotting, poems, poi, pop surrealism, porn, psychological thrillers, rain on the roof, reading in bed, redheads, road trips, running with scissors, sarcasm, sci-fi, serial killers, sex, shakespeare, sharks, shiny things, short stories, silliness, sleep, snakes, snow, spiders, spooky stuff, starbucks, steak!!!, stories, strange gadgets, tales of woe, terry pratchett, the 80's, the eden project, the little mermaid, the lost boys, the patchwork cat, the sea, the woods in sunshine, thunderstorms, tigger, toys, unusual communities, urban legends, useless knowledge, vampires, vodka, willow, witchcraft, worms (the game), writing, zombies